Week 5 – Group Discussion Questions

Walk This Way
Part 5: Remain While Walking
Jay Kim – October 8 2017

HANG OUT (warming up to the topic)

1. Check in to see how everyone’s week was.

2. Take time to review this week’s teaching and discuss your reactions. Talk about what most challenged, puzzled, and encouraged you.

HEAR (listening to God through Scripture)

3. Looking back at the series we are finishing up, why do you think it was titled, “Walk This Way?” How have your views on discipleship changed over the last few weeks? Have they changed at all?

4. Read John 15:5-8; What does it mean to remain in Jesus? What about our current context makes it difficult to remain in Jesus? (hint: the digital age)

5. Nobody was discipled in the bible…they were either a disciple, or they weren’t. Disciple in the bible is always a noun. What are some “markers” of a disciple of Jesus? How do they live? What does it look like?

6. Read Psalm 84:1-2; When Jesus calls us to be his disciple, he calls us into this desire of his constant presence. In what ways have you made space in your life to abide in Jesus, and feel his presence? How can this group help you do that?

HUDDLE (making it personal and praying together)

8. Being a disciple means doing so in community. What does discipleship in community look like to you?

9. Take time to pray for your community.

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