Week 4 – Group Discussion Questions

Walk This Way
Part 4: Self-Denial
Darrin Cantrell– October 1, 2017

HANG OUT (warming up to the topic)

1. Check in to see how everyone’s week was.

2. Take time to review this week’s teaching and discuss your reactions. Talk about what most challenged, puzzled, and encouraged you.

HEAR (listening to God through Scripture)

3. When you hear the words, “Take up your cross and follow me,” what comes to mind? What do you think Jesus means when he says that?

4. Read Luke 9:22-24; What do you think it means to “deny yourself?” Are there any areas that come to mind where Jesus may be calling you to deny something?

5. Jonah in the Old Testament, quickly realized that even his best thinking, his best plans, were never as good as Gods plans. Have you ever felt like Jonah? Have you felt like you’ve had all the resources and plans, only to find that they collide with God’s plan? What was that experience like?

HUDDLE (making it personal and praying together)

8. Maybe denying ourselves means that we finally replace our agenda with His agenda. What is your “agenda”? What do you think God’s agenda is? What would it look like for your agenda to be replaced by God’s agenda?

9. End in prayer.