Week 3 – Group Discussion Questions

Walk This Way
Part 3: Do What Jesus Did
Forrest Jenan – September 24, 2017

HANG OUT (warming up to the topic)

1. Check in to see how everyone’s week was.

2. Take time to review this week’s teaching and discuss your reactions. Talk about what most challenged, puzzled, and encouraged you.

HEAR (listening to God through Scripture)

3. Did you try any of the practices from last week’s discussion questions? What was it like? How have you made steps to “become like Jesus?”

4. When a rabbi called someone to follow them, they left everything behind to do so. We find in the New Testament that Matthew is called to follow Jesus … but Matthew is a tax collector … a sinner. Why does Jesus call Matthew to follow him?  What is the significance of Matthew being a tax collector?  What does this mean for us?

5. Read Matthew 9:9-13; Jesus liked people who were nothing like him, and they liked him back. What do we see Jesus doing in this story (Hint: Jesus is creating space for people to have a relationship with him)?   What can we learn from what Jesus did in this story?

HUDDLE (making it personal and praying together)

6. Jesus was on a mission.  His mission was to seek, to save, to serve, to rescue. And how did he do all of that?  Love.  Sacrificial other-centered love.  That is what Jesus did. What would it look like for you to do what Jesus did today, in Visalia?  The practical next step, no matter where you are, is to ask yourself this question: “What does love require of me?”

7. Take some time to reflect on some relationships in your own life that feel broken and burdened. As you reflect, pray that we might have the courage to do what Jesus did; especially in the times where we want with all our might to do the exact opposite.

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